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Theia Marketing

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We make your technology talk to each other in Hubspot and beyond.


Internal Process Audit

A pipeline with holes in isn’t really doing its whole job. By looking into your current tech stack, we can help you identify holes, increase efficiency, and tap into unused potential.

As part of our internal process audit, we will book a series of discovery calls with leadership and end-users to see where your workflows need to be tuned up. Where needed, we’ll also make recommendations for new integrations and can help you get them up and running.

Customer Journey Mapping

A great experience for a new customer helps move them from awareness to advocacy. Customer Journey Mapping allows you to identify where your customers are getting frustrated or dropping off and it helps you to do something about it.

We help you to gain insights into how customers are interacting with your brand and give you the tools you need to best engage with them through the entire journey.

Business Process Mapping

Become friends with your tech stack and get it to help you (rather than hinder you). We map out your entire business process to see exactly what is happening and where.

The information we get from analyzing and mapping your business processes is then used to create tailored HubSpot contact properties, workflow automations, email templates, forms, landing pages, and other useful marketing assets.

Online Lead Generation

Theia lead generation is like lead generation on steroids. As engineers, we have all of the technical knowledge, the right data, and processes to get you more leads than ever before.

We help you generate tons of web traffic by using a combination of tools such as SEO, paid ads (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), blogging, link building, and more.

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