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Kanerika Software

We are on a mission to make enterprises more efficient.


Kanerika is a global consulting firm building efficient enterprises with deployment of automated, integrated, and responsive solutions. Kanerika crafts innovative strategies harnessing the power of proprietary digital consulting frameworks and composable solution architecture. Kanerika helps some of the top brands worldwide in increasing their speed to respond to evolving market conditions, reducing their cost of operations, and empowering them with the right tools and insights for effective decision-making.


Delivering digital transformation at scale

Today, technology is changing the way businesses are making critical decisions and innovation lifecycle is evolving at a much faster speed than ever. Organizations are implementing transformational technologies to evaluate new strategies to influence customers.

Kanerika helps businesses seize the feasibility of emerging technologies and innovation strategies to achieve better business outcomes. Kanerika partners with global brands in their innovation lifecycle to enable them:

Your digital transformation journey

Kanerika uses AI-based algorithms to design, evaluate, automate, and transform entire organizational processes which helps in improving decision-making and productivity for enterprises.

Kanerika takes advantage of agile delivery methodologies that results in predictable project delivery, cost reductions, and enhanced efficiency. Principal technologies include complete set of data management and analytics services, data fabric design, MLOps, AI-enabled process automation, which combined with Kanerika’s proprietary assets and frameworks expedite speed-to-market.

Achieving optimum digital efficiency

Kanerika believes that digital transformation initiatives without a focus on efficiency does not yield the anticipated outcome. Kanerika epitomizes digital efficiency as a function of digital speed and accuracy of skills, technology, and business requirements in an enterprise. Employing our proprietary consulting and solutioning models formulated on robust expertise in AI-enabled automation, analytics, and integration, Kanerika delivers transformational outcomes in core functions and processes in an enterprise.

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